I will work to change the City's direction so our citizens become our first priority.


 Westminster City Council Member

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Bruce Baker

Councillor, Westminster City Council

Thanks to the voters that elected me to office 11-5-13

Where is our deal?

Westminster is a wealthy city.  We are well funded, but no city official is eager to say this in public.  Officials rely on the fact that most levels of government are broke, so they let the people assume that Westminster is just like all other government: lean, frugal and operating on short budgets.  The reality is that Westminster leaders have lots of taxpayer money and are spending too much of that money on development incentives and their own development dreams at the New Westminster City Center and other projects.  Westminster leaders have hurt the schools and the taxpayers with their choices. Westminster needs to use our resources to benefit the people who live here.  It is far past time to insist our Councillors  re-direct  our spending choices in the city.

If you share my disappointment with and anger at the choices our City leaders have made , I urge you to connect with me and help me make the re-direction of the City happen! Together, we can make a meaningful difference-- for ourselves, our neighborhoods, our schools and our City.