​Seeking the Republican nomination as Candidate for House District 35

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Bruce Baker

House District 35

​Are happy you with growth that avoids paying their share of costs and connected developers getting subsidies?

​How about public education?

​Back in 2001, the T-Rex project was built on the South side of the Denver Metro Area.  The capacity of I-25 was increased.  Here on the North side of the Denver Metro Area we got toll lanes.  I-25 is worse than ever. 

That's Not right!

​The City of Denver added 150,000 new residents, yet did not add any capacity to the interstate highway system in Denver.  Adams County expects to add hundreds of thousand more resident, but has no plans for the overcapacity I-25.  As if that was not enough, so many governments want to give away public money to entice companies to move here (eg- Amazon 2ndHQ). 

​That's not right!

​For the last 12 years the Democratic Party has controlled State Government in Colorado.   House District 35 had a Democrat as the Representative in every one of those years, yet the needs of our District's needs were ignored.   What will it take for the State Government to address our issues?  .............A Republican that will fight!

Remember T-Rex?

Bruce Baker

​for the Colorado Legislature 

​Westminster Schools face funding and achievement challenges, yet the only thing they hear from the State is a threat of take-over.  Adams 12 pays the first or second highest school taxes in the entire State.  Instead of Adams 12 taxpayers being recognized, they are taken advantage of.

Ideas to address both of the Districts problems have not been taken up for consideration at the Legislature.

​That's not right! 

Are voters in House District 35 happy that Colorado government ignores the needs?