Westminster City Council Member

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I heard what the voters said.

I will contribute to Council the benefits that constructive diversity can give.

Bruce Baker

Councillor, Westminster City Council

Voters are the owners of Westminster.  They have chosen the direction they wish our City to take.

Elections make all the difference

I am grateful that Debbie Bergamo, Jason Blanckaert and Mike Melvin gave the voters a clear, bold choice in the Westminster City Council elections this November 2015. They gave a great gift to the voters of Westminster.  The gift was quite costly to them, just like the other unsuccessful candidates in the elections.   It is an under-valued gift our elections gives to voters.  American elections, many times, give true alternatives to the voters.  The voters said "No thanks"  to the ideas that Debbie, Jason, Mike and I shared in common.  I absolutely respect and value that guidance from the voters.

My congratulations to the returning Anita Seitz and Maria De Cambra as well as the newly elected Shannon Bird.

Westminster is a wealthy city.  We have lots of extra money.  Current Council is spending those funds to build "the next urban center of the Colorado Front Range".  The voters said they wanted candidates that will bring this vision to life.  I will honor that guidance.   

Of course my values and views of the proper roles of government remain the same.  My values and views act as the lens thru which I see situations.  I will add to the discussions and decision-making process the different picture that my point-of-view lets me see.  By hearing and seeing other and quite often contrary ideas, Council will make better decisions that will benefit the citizens today and improve the legacy we pass to the next Council and future citizens of Westminster.