Westminster City Council Member

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please.....  vote and return your ballot!

I will work to change the City's direction so our citizens become our first priority.

Bruce Baker

Councillor, Westminster City Council

Voters are the owners of Westminster and will decide the direction the City will take.

I am supporting Debbie Bergamo, Jason Blanckaert and Mike Melvin in the upcoming City Council elections this November, 2015.  We share a common view about how Westminster must make better choices to serve our citizens.  By electing all three, there will be a New Majority on City Council and we WILL change the direction the City is taking.

Westminster is a wealthy city.  We have lots of extra money.  Current Council is spending tax money to build "the next urban center of the Colorado Front Range".  Council just earmarked $65 million more taxpayer dollars to subsidize, connected private businesses to build at the New Downtown.  Tens of millions of those tax dollars are being diverted away from Jeffco Schools.  This is unnecessary.  This is unethical.  This is ABSOLUTELY wrong!!! 

Electing Bergamo, Blanckaert and Melvin will be the first step in changing this terrible situation.  Please do not let frustration with government or apathy keep you from voting in the November election.  Your vote will make the difference.

Electing Bergamo, Blanckaert  and Melvin will form a New Majority on City Council.  Our New Majority will provide better government-- for ourselves, our neighborhoods, our schools and our City. 

Elections make all the difference