I am against changing the trash hauling arrangement in Westminster.  Our current systems works well.  I think 99.99% of Westminster residents are smart, competent adults that can decide which trash service works best for their situation.

On Monday, February 27, 2017, council directed city staff to negotiate with interested trash haulers to finalize a contract for a franchise/monopoly trash hauling system in Westminster.  Importantly, council directed that any contract must allow for any and all residents that wish to "Opt Out" at no charge. 

Even though I advocated for ending all explorations into changing the current system, I view the "Opt Out" as a win for my side.  Opt Out lets me, and anyone else that wishes, to remain in control of the price, the volume, and providers of my trash service.

However, why would any hauler give a good price for an opt out system?  Opt out defeats all the productivity and efficiency gains of a mandatory system.  HOAs get good prices because of the efficiency gains.  So I am a little bit concerned that this entire issue may resurface a few month from now.

This is no way to treat the People of Westminster.

Trash Hauling in Westminster

Update, Friday April 28, 2017

I need your help.  My colleagues on Westminster City Council are conspiring to hurt our citizens.  I don’t want that to happen.

Anyone still present at 1am ending of the February 27, 2017 City Council meeting or anyone reading the March 9, 2017 issue of the Westminster Window would have the clear impression that City Council promised any resident, who wanted to contract their own trash hauling, could opt out of any city contracted system.  To me it was a very clearly understood promise to let our fellow citizens live in peace. The City will not bother them.

But by using the power of city ordinances, my colleagues are planning to impose a series to regulations that create such a large burden to any trash provider that the cost of doing business as a trash hauler in Westminster will be twice as expensive as what it costs today.

Here is sampling of the ideas we are considering:
1-      Require all trash haulers to include in their basic price curbside recycling, regardless of whether the customer wants the service.
2-     Require all trash haulers to impose higher fees on customers that discard more than one, 32 gallon barrel of trash each week.
3-     Require all trash haulers to offer 2 sizes of recycle material containers.
4-     Prevent all trash haulers from disposing of uneconomical recycle material at a landfill.
5-     Require all trash haulers to extensive reporting mandates needing costly data gathering equipment/manpower. 
6-     Require all trash haulers to formulate a plan to meet or exceed the city’s diversion of solid waste goals.
7-     Require all trash haulers to be accountable for the appropriateness of the trash/recycle discarded by their customers.

These kinds of requirements are not what I consider to fulfill the promise that any one in Westminster could “opt out” of the City contracted trash hauling.  I find this conduct by my colleagues to be deceptive.

More disappointing is the fact that City Council is considering these ideas in secret.  When I asked to share the document that proposed some of these ideas, I was told it is “work product” and its release is not covered by Colorado’s Open Records Act.  To me this is hypocrisy on the part of my colleagues that claim to support open and transparent government.
Join me in respecting our fellow citizens and the choices they wish to make about what trash hauler serves their needs best.
What can you do?  Call or email my colleagues and ask them not to do this.  Anita Seitz 303-817-5237 aseitz@cityofwestminster.us, Emma Pinter 720-239-2053 emma.pinter@gmail.com, Maria De Cambra 720-323-3664 mdecambra@cityofwestminster.us ,Shannon Bird 303-435-3480 sbird@cityofwestminster.us, Alberto Garcia 303-521-3996 agarcia@cityofwestminster.us

Thank you
Bruce Baker, brucebakercolorado@msn.com , 303-408-2288 or my city e-mail address  bbaker@cityofwestminster.us

Former ​Republican Candidate for House District 35