Former ​Republican Candidate for House District 35

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Bradburn Village 120th and Lowell

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Westminster University building

Overview and Background

1.  We are the inheritors of a fantastic legacy given by previous City Councils and taxpayers/voters.  They made many practical, farsighted and daring choices, nearly all of which were beneficial.  Westminster has senior Water Rights providing security and independence; a sales and use tax base and revenue stream well over the "share" that our citizens would spend; an excellent and well maintained infrastructure of parks, open space, roads, water/re-cycle and sewer system; a city personnel cadre that is consistently regionally and nationally recognized as leaders and innovators.

2.  Our location is unmatched in the Front Range.

3.  We have an informed citizen/voter population that is more financially secure than many of our sister cities.  I celebrate that.

4.  We are a wealthy city.  Our Net Position has increased by over $20 million per year for the past three years.  It is fair to say we have a profits of over $20 million dollars per year for the past three years.  I will acknowledge that.

5.  Previous Councils have made too many choices to spend our profits on projects that I consider extravagant, foolish and wasteful.  I want to reform that.

6.  I believe our "Economic Development" programs have become a treadmill that get the City nowhere.  I want raise the standards for "Economic Development".

7.  I believe the typical, unrepresented-by-a-lobby-group, individual citizen/taxpayer is last in line to get any attention or benefits from the City.  I want to change that.

8.  I have ideas that I think will improve the City for all of citizens.

City Hall Belltower

drawings of orginal Lucent building 120th & Huron

City government is much more than one or two issues.  City Council makes decisions twice a month at every City Council meeting that run the City.  We makes choices on hundreds of issues and the details of those issues. 

Because there are so many issues, it is very tempting to rely too much on recommendations from the Staff.  I am fine that on many issues we will heavily rely of Staff recommendations.  In addition though, I think Council Members must have made their own judgments, based on the recommendations we are given,  on independent information that comes to us, on our own research and on the values we bring to Council.  If Council always accepts Staff recommendations, Council becomes a rubber stamp.

It is only the elected Council that can be held accountable by the Voters.