Former ​Republican Candidate for House District 35


The best and most rewarding work I have done is as part of an organization where our priorities are clearing established, universally agreed and moved forward by the leaders.  I've worked in a few organization where the leaders lack the courage and decisiveness to set priorities.  They are bad leaders.  The organization struggles.  The people on the front lines of the organization are constantly wondering which task is more important. 

The same need for clearly established priorities is more important for government organizations.  The voters should set the priorities by the candidates they elect.   Westminster voters have elected a Council that has an unambiguous goal.  Everyone on Council will move to accomplish that goal.

My Priorities

1.  Monitor the plans and expenditures the City makes at the New Downtown.  Willingly be the person that says "and what about (insert particular situation) and the effect it will have on (insert affected person or organization)".  I will be the designated "worrier" on Council.

2.  Champion ways to recognize and reward ordinary residents of Westminster.  Perhaps it could be deferred prosecutions on no accident traffic violations, or no charge dog licenses, or design an incentive to reward citizens for using building permits.  The City can't run a good, just government without the consent and the participation of the ordinary people.  Giving people a chance to improve their driving to have safer roads and increasing city ordinance compliance will improve the City for everyone.

3.  We need to have a thrifty city government.  Westminster has chosen a path that I consider to be "extravagant".  However, recognize that I watch the Broncos on TV rather than pay the "extravagant" ticket price to see the Broncos in person.  Metaphorically speaking, the voters have chosen to see the Broncos in person, so I will help find the best priced parking spot for our car.  Or did we take the bus?  Maybe a carpool is the best solution, and I still know a best-priced parking spot.