Growth  -  Government must stop subsidizing population growth.  "Incentives" to Amazon, or any other business is wrong and a misuse of tax money.  Incentives usually go to connected insiders.  Furthermore, Growth should pay all the costs that it causes upon our government systems.  Denver has added 150,000 people since 2000 yet has not built any new highways to serve that increase. This is why our highway are jammed.

Transportation - Freely accessed, no permission required, proper capacity roads are a fundamental necessity to operate a Free Market in Colorado.  This takes money to build and maintain.  We have not paid the costs required.  We have allowed growth to escape paying the capital costs they impose on the system.  It is time to be adults and pay for what we need.

Furthermore, I have the capacity to change my mind.  I am willing to be persuaded.  I can even say "I was wrong".  Try me.  One of the major reasons I am running for office is because too many current office holders will not engage in conversations.  They care more about the specific agendas then what is best for Colorado as a whole.

Government - I support government.  I do not wish to kill government.  Government serves the vital interests of all citizens and it cannot be run without proper funding.  However, it should only spend money on it's core functions.

Abortion/Choice  - I am Pro-Choice.  I will oppose any attempts to diminish a women's right to determine the course of her pregnancy.  The US Supreme Court has ruled that a women's control of her pregnancy is an individual right.  I vigorously support individual rights.  

Here are my positions on a range of frequently asked questions.

For a general statement, I want to live my live my life in the protection and safety of consistently enforced laws.  Just as I expect a place to live in peace and pursuing happiness, I require every other American to have the same respect for their pursing happiness.  Government must NEVER threaten it's citizens.

Guns - I am Pro-gun.  I will oppose any attempts to diminish Second Amendment Rights, but I am more than willing to explore ideas that would help public safety if they don't diminish people's rights.  The US Supreme Court has ruled that people's rights about guns are an individual right.  I vigorously support individual rights.

Obeying the law  -  The selective enforce of our laws is wrong and immoral.  Yet selective enforcement is all around for us to see.   1/6th to 1/4th of drivers do not have auto insurance, insurance company computers could immediately report law breakers, yet little is done.  Court protection orders have no enforcement mechanism and has led to gruesome crimes.  Unlawfully present people are presented as victims in TV stories, yet the offense of breaking the law is ignored.   America is a decent country because most of us obey the law and ones that do not get caught and held accountable.  Selective enforcement of our laws hurts the Country and our Society.

Public Schools  -  Public schools are core function of government, as expressly stated in the Colorado constitution.  It should be an agency that unites the people of Colorado.  It has become a wedge that drives people apart.  The current funding mechanism is corrupt.  Rich Districts (like Denver, Boulder, many rural district) cheat less affluent districts.  Suburban districts are the biggest losers in this situation.  Legislators must change this.

Marijuana and other Voter Choices -  I will support decisions made by voters, be they marijuana or assisted suicide or rules for political parties.   I consider these choices as majority rule.  I support majority rule.  We are all free to engage in the process and advocate for changes we want. 

RTD - The Regional Transportation District is both a fraud and a waste.  It has not accomplished the goals set forth when it was formed.  It has enriched certain land owners in Denver Metro.  It has enriched certain connected suppliers.  It has had minimal impact on traffic congestion, air pollution, or connecting the Denver Metro Area.  We should have the courage to accept ownership of this failure.

Protest and Freedom of Speech -  I will oppose any attempts to diminish an individual's or a group's rights to exercise their Freedom of Speech, conduct protests and publicly dissent.  I vigorously support individual rights.

TABOR​ -  As I said about supporting Voter Choices, I fully support the Taxpayers Bill of Rights.  In addition, while on the Westminster city council, I fought the unethical ways the council tried to ignore TABOR.  An example would be Certificates of Participation (COPs) which I voted against.

Former ​Republican Candidate for House District 35