​Bruce's solution -  ​I need everyone for a Republican to win HD35.  I appreciate everyone and while I may not "hang-out" with you, I want you to live your life enjoying the full benefits of American citizenship.  Follow the law, pay your taxes and participate as much as you want.  I have a taste of what it is like to be pushed-away.  As a member of the minority in HD35, I have lived the contempt and exclusion forced on me by the majority.  I want Society to live up our proclaimed values. Our minority communities, whether by race or religion or political views must have a full life in our Society. I will make sure everyone is included in the success of Colorado.  I will make sure that everyone has a place to live in Peace.  I will make sure government respects and protects Individual Rights.  I DO NOT hate government.  I want government to be powerful enough to serve the public needs while being efficient, thrifty and smart. While all of my ideas are worth the conversation, I have the humility to know some are flawed and others need improvement.  I will invite and participate in open, earnest and intense political conversations with everyone.

Growth- ​The enormous population growth in the Denver Metro Area has made the quality of life for the people that live in House  District 35  much worse: I-25 and the turnpike are choked with traffic at all hours of the day, Adams 12 taxpayers have paid the highest or second highest school taxes in the entire State with no end in sight,  Westminster Schools struggle with problems they do not have the tools to solve, and the detrimental actions of the City of Denver go unchallenged.

​Contempt - ​We say need each other, but the people in control do not seem to bring that value to life.  As a Society we can not afford to discard  and exclude people.  Yet in politics exclusion happens all the time.  Even worse, the demonization and vilification of individuals  seems to be standard practice.  Any Democrat that wins HD35,  judging by past experience, will ignore and dismiss Republicans and Unaffiliateds.  Democrats don't need Republicans to win in HD35.

Problems need solutions - require candidates to offer ideas

Bruce's solution - ​I'm a Republican.  My first Loyalty is to the people of HD35.   Doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result is insanity!   So the voters of HD35 should try a different approach.  Regardless of whether our Democratic representatives were afraid to complain or that they did not want to be called disloyal to the Party, they did not produce results that lessened our problems.   I will speak up for HD35.  I have ideas to make government work better.  I will complain, explore solutions and I will fight for HD35 and Colorado.  Electing a Republican from a District that the Democratic Party relies on and takes for granted is the best way to send a message to the people that have failed HD35.

Government makes mistakes -​  Leaders of government must have the honesty to see the reality of our situation.  Take off the blindfolds and see what has happened.  Leaders must take ownership of those mistakes and offer solutions to address the mistake.  

Loyalty - ​Ever since reapportionment in the 1970s and House District 35 was moved to Adams County, there has never been Republican elected in HD35.  The loyalty of the district has been 100% to the Democratic Party.  However we have not been well served by this misplaced loyalty.  Instead of the loyal representatives from HD35 being rewarded with state attention, concern and resources to address problems in the district, the district has starved.  We have been neglected and worse.  For example - I-25 got free lanes and added capacity from T-Rex and when it was our turn, we got toll lanes on I-25 and the Turnpike. 

Bruce's Solution - ​ WE MUST SEE THE REALITY OF THE SITUATION.  Regardless of how uncomfortable the task is, I will call attention to the problems.  I did this on Westminster City Council for 4 years.  I called the monopoly trash plan both a mistake and ridiculous.  The People of Westminster heard what I said and what others had said, and together we stopped the mandatory trash.  I called out the corrupt subsidies to connected developers at several places in Westminster.  Government can not fix any problem, like PERA or RTD or school funding if we are afraid or if parties refuse to discuss the true dimensions of the problem.

Bruce's solution -​Growth must pay it's own way.  I fought for this idea the entire time I was on Westminster City Council: no subsidies for connected developers.  Example:  Westminster charges about $28,000 for new water/sewer tap for a new house as the newcomer's share of the necessary capital costs of the system- and that policy is fair and right.  School districts should be allowed to charge new users capital costs to build the necessary classrooms they will demand.  Colorado should charge newcomers, in overcapacity areas, for the capital costs they impose on our road network and Interstate system.  Consider that between 2000 and 2017 Denver has added 150,000 people but built no additional capacity into the road network: no wonder I-25 is a nightmare.  We need to expand the capacity of our roads and it should be paid for by the new users.

Former ​Republican Candidate for House District 35