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The water mess in Westminster

Unlawfully present people take opportunities away from Americans.  They drive up the price of housing.  They lower wages of workers.  They take social assistance funding away from Americans.  Their children consume resources meant for American children.  And worse, their fear of discovery traps unlawfully present people in bondage to the greedy people that exploit them.

House District 35 has never elected a Republican to the Legislature.  Loyalty to the Deomocratic Party has stood strong.  Now is the time to decide our greater loyalty.  Our first loyalty must be to Our Country and fellow citizens.

My opponent won'

The Democratic Party in Colorado is helping illegal aliens live in Colorado.  They give drivers licenses, college tuition breaks, make sanctuary cities and obstruct Federal Law enforcement authorities.

As a member of the Westminster City Council, my opponent helped direct our police to act incompetent and stupid when dealing with people unlawfully present in the US.

Join me.  Help me. Vote for me. Use the contact page to reach me. 

​For the last 12 years the Democratic Party has controlled State Government in Colorado.   House District 35 had a Democrat as the Representative in every one of those years, yet our District's needs were ignored.   What will it take for the State Government to address our issues?  .............A Republican that will fight!

​I will!

This is wrong!

The harm caused by elected official that help law breakers is terrible.​​

Special update on the water rate increase

Click on the button and I have an e-mail I sent to area media outlets with my view of the water increase.

Will you defend the united states?


​Republican Candidate for House District 35