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Former ​Republican Candidate for House District 35

Boring stuff

Good government should be boring

Few people like washing the dishes, that is why a lot of us have automatic dishwashers.  We don't want to wash dishes, but we know and appreciate the necessity of clean dishes.  I think the same is true of good government.  We all know the value of good government, but there aren't any automatic good government machines we can turn on and let take care of the problem. 

But running good government is a lot of work and aggravation.   The rewards are few.  Rarely does the public at large acknowledge a job well done, because good government should be nearly invisible.  That is why few people run for office

So too many times we are left with candidates and officials that are some rich guy's employee or are an agenda driven Trojan Horse.  I am not either.  I am not seeking thrills or treasure, boring is fine, and I intend to build good government.

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