Answering the attacks on Council Member Baker by City Council Colleagues on January 23, 2017 and specifying the harm inflicted on Americans and American Citizenship caused by people unlawfully present in the US.

Please, let us be crystal clear in our direction to our police with our policies.  If this Council wants our police to selectively enforce Federal law, then I challenge this Council to openly and transparently say so by taking responsibility and authorship of such a policy.

Government that ignores lawbreakers is dishonest.  Government that tells its citizens and police "no snitching" in reprehensible.  Government that selecetively enforces our laws is corrupt.  I do not want Westminster to be a dishonest, reprehensible, corrupt government.

I want healing.  I think the best way forward is healing.  I sincerely hope you feel the same way.

Respecting and valuing dissent

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Former ​Republican Candidate for House District 35